The Walking Dead: What to Wear in Honor of Your New Favorite TV Series

The Walking DeadIt is a time-honored tradition that fashion often takes its inspiration from popular television shows and movies.

Mary Tyler Moore's cigarette pants on Dick Van Dyke inspired millions of American women to ditch their day dresses for the look. Fifty-odd years later, Mad Men has us returning to full skirts and nipped waists.

Twilight and True Blood's vampire chic has spawned pale faces and dark, dramatic lips and nails.

And now that AMC's new series, The Walking Dead, is on its way to becoming 2010's most talked about show, I'm wondering how zombies will factor into the fashion world.

I've got a few ideas ... click through to see them.


Faith21This Tattered Knit Top (Faith21, $13.80) will immediately put you at the forefront of zombie style.


ZapposZombie lovers won't want to go another day without these bloody heels (Zappos, $39.95). This totally solves the blood-on-the-shoes problem most zombies have to face each and every day.


Barney'sFor those with a little more cash on hand, check out this Draped Cob Web Dress (Barney's, $483). I have yet to be invited to a zombie cocktail party, but I imagine this would fit the bill just fine.


Net-A-PorterThese Bandage Print Tights (Net-a-Porter, $65) seem like they'd do a great job of holding all that rotting flesh on your zombie legs in place ...


Blue & CreamZombie chic isn't cheap! Check out this zombilicious Nightcap Clothing Ripped Tee (Blue & Cream, $145). Do the undead carry credit cards? I'll have to look into it.


TorridThese Zombie Stompers (Torrid, $39) will definitely get your drooling, zombie-like husband's attention!

What do you think of The Walking Dead? Is it the next big television thing?


Images (top to bottom): AMC, Zappos, Faith21, Barney's, Net-a-Porter, Blue and Cream, Torrid

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