Bizarre Designer Products: Overpriced Tape Measure Anyone?

chanel fishing setIf you live in a large city, you can find "Prada" handbags and "Calvin Klein" t-shirts for a song on every street corner. Of course, they are ripoffs probably made in some horrifying sweatshop and their colors will bleed and they'll fall apart the first time they are exposed to water, but hey, somebody might be impressed!

This makes one wonder: Are we seriously so desperate for status that we'll snap up a designer name attached to just about anything? In a word: Yes. The Gloss did a roundup recently of some very odd designer tie-ins:

Designer sponges: Drama Goth Christian Siriano of Project Runway fame lent his name to a line of O-Cel-O sponges.

Louis Vuitton trash bags: Because nothing says classy like wrapping dirty diapers and the scraps from last night's dinner in logo-ed plastic.


A Chanel fishing set, with hooks adorned with the intertwined C's. Totally can't wait to get fish guts all over that, especially since it retails for about $18,000.

A Marc Jacobs tape measure. Given how skinny models are, I'm guessing this ends at 36 inches or so.

Gucci 3-D glasses: Because trumping the "dork factor" of 3D glasses with the "douche factor" of paying a pretty penny for a Gucci aviator version makes you so much cooler.

Karl Lagerfeld safes. They do look very stylish.

That said, some of these things are actually kind of cool. I'd spring for the designer Evian bottles, personally, and want the Cynthia Rowley bandages right now.

What products do not need designer tie-ins?

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