Stylish Holiday Gift Ideas

Henri BendelIt's that time again, ladies...

Time to start making your holiday gift list and checking it twice.

Over the next few weeks, I'll be posting some of my favorite gift ideas- stylish and thoughtful presents that won't break your budget.

Lets' start with these charming sterling silver monogram pendants from Henri Bendel.

Not only are they tres chic, but they also come in this fantastic little gift box. The price? $78. I'm betting some of you may add one of these necklaces to your own wish list!

Read on for more of my favorite holiday gift ideas!



Jessie SteeleA few years ago, I bought this retro-style hostess apron (Jessie Steele, $32.95)- as well as a matching one for my daughter- and I've been giving Jessie Steele aprons as gifts ever since. She has a wide range of cute styles to choose from and Charlotte even wore one in the last Sex and the City movie!


Uncommon GoodsWho wouldn't love a cozy pair of handknit mismatched socks (Uncommon Goods, $17)? Totally quirky. Totally hip.


Red EnvelopeNeed to send something impressive by mail? I sent my mother these Dendrobium Orchids last year (Red Envelope, $39.99 plus cost of vase) and she LOVED them. Not only were they gorgeous in person, she reported that they lasted a full month! They also received rave reviews from customers- part of the reason I ordered them.


Red EnvelopeGot a wine lover on your list? This vinturi wine aerator (Red Envelope, $39.99 on sale) was a HUGE hit with my dad. Now when friends come over, he loves to have them take a sip of red without the aerator and then one after. You can really taste a difference!


Uncommon GoodsAnd take a look at these fantastic nestling necklaces (Uncommon Goods, $70-$79). Great for a mom with a unique sense of style... Maybe that's you!


Henri BendelLooking for a little something for your most glamorous friend? This I Heart Me Compact (Henri Bendel, $30) is good for some giggles, and comes at a nice price.


Uncommon GoodsAnd finally, I LOVE "The Hookup" (Uncommon Goods, $40) as a holiday gift idea! It fastens onto your purse (or you can just tuck it inside) and opens to make a hook that lets you hang your purse on a table or bar. I have been in need of something like this for date nights- My husband and I often eat in the bar of popular restaurants to avoid a wait- and had no idea something like this was available!

Got any great go-to gift ideas? Spread the love and share them in the comments!


Images via Henri Bendel, Jessie Steele, Red Envelope, and Uncommon Goods

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