Johanna Cox Claims "Devil Wears Prada" Experience at Elle Magazine

Johanna CoxThe buzz on the Internet today is all about Stylista winner Johanna Cox's exposé blog post on why she quit Elle Magazine. She says it was due in part to a certain senior editor who made her realize the following:

Once you've been at the game for a while and you begin to recognize that the tone is never pleasant, the mistake wasn't yours, and that that senior person seems to spend most of their time undermining others, screaming at other people's children, and reminding the junior staff they're not allowed to sit in meetings when there are more than enough empty chairs, well, at that point, you have to make a decision.


Click through to see Cox's full post-- and find out what's being said about it.


There's no doubt that Johanna Cox's post on her decision to leave Elle is a great read- It's the kind of thing that could be adapted into a book and movie.

I mean, think of all the potentially fantastic Reese Witherspoon/Kate Hudson vehicle scenes this paragraph conveys:

So, for all the crying I did on my office floor, for all the shredded-cheese-on-Saltines pity dinners I endured, and for all the "Get me something c*ntier!" directives I had to obey, there's nothing I would have done differently.



The thing is, though, a lot of us would have stories like this one from our first year on the job. I know I did. Oh, DID I.

Jezebel calls Cox's post a bridge-burner- and I guess that's true, assuming she wants to continue on in the fashion industry. But maybe she doesn't.

Rumor has it that her boyfriend is none other than Alec Baldwin....

What do you think of Johanna's blog post? Sizzling read or whiny, bridge-burning diatribe?

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