Thanksgiving Style Horrors: Can You Say Pumpkin Bras?

turkey dinner sweaterIt's so fun to dress up for Thanksgiving dinner. It's the perfect excuse to wear that outfit you never get to wear. You go out looking festive and feelin' fine -- Thanksgiving is the perfect reason to get a little style in your step.

Of course, there ARE some unspoken style rules, you know? Just because you plan to eat a turkey dinner doesn't mean you need to also wear a turkey dinner sweater. And you can pay homage to the pilgrims and the Native Americans without dressing like them. Really ... It's okay.

And please, whatever you do, celebrate this year's blessings with an actual abundance of food, NOT by wearing cornucopia earrings and hoping other guests get the symbolism.

Here are 12 styles NOT to wear this Thanksgiving. We beg you.


12 Thanksgiving Style Horrors

turkey earrings

Really? Don't.

turkey thanksgiving vest

Also don't wear a turkey pilgrim vest on Thanksgiving. I can't believe I just had to say "turkey pilgrim."

turkey sweater sequins

Please don't give me that "But there are sequins ..." crud. Turkeys + sweaters = bad.

turkey scarecrow sweater man

Ohhh, you're right. It's a turkey AND a scarecrow. NO!

cornucopia earrings

Don't even touch these cornucopia earrings to your earlobes. Stop right now.

brown turkey sweater

What part of "no turkey sweaters" don't you understand?

pilgrim hat

Oh riiiiight, a pilgrim hat. That's a good idea. Um, no.

turkey socks

Yes, but I'll know you're wearing turkey socks. NO.

turkey costume

Someone totally should, but it's not going to be you.

peasant costume woman

I can't even talk to you when you're like this.

native american costume women's

Make it stop.

pumpkin bra

Fine, wear a pumpkin bra. But you're going to be cold.

What are you going to wear this Thanksgiving? Are there turkeys involved?


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