Is Lands' End Finally Getting Stylish?

mom jeansOh, Lands' End. We want to love you, really we do. Your clothes wear like iron, are fit to real human women's bodies versus stick-thin models, and you will actually hem pants for us to our specifications (for people like me, who are too short to wear even petites straight off the rack without shortening, this alone is enough to make you our clothing BFF).

You've also got terrific customer service; even the people who work in your stores-within-stores at Sears are helpful and nice.

And your range of sizes is great ... you have talls, petites, plus, and even petite plus in some styles (although how about a plus-size version of your more-stylish Canvas line ... pretty please?).

So why are we not head over heels in love with you? One word: Style.


The clothes are well-made, reasonably priced ... and about as stylish as a paper sack. Boring colors, old-lady cuts on some of the pants (want to know where to buy actual mom jeans? Check our their "traditional" fit jeans and there they are!), and just a general frumptastic spirit infuses their clothes.

lands end dressesThey do have some hits here and there, though. Lands' End recently released a "sneak peek" of their spring/summer line that they did for fashion editors on their Facebook page. Professionally styled and displayed, they could pass for the Gap or even Ralph Lauren, but as per usual, there's nothing that makes me want to whip out my wallet and order. There are wrap dresses and shirt dresses in various muted shades, some sleeveless numbers in a cute print, and very, very basic polos, pants, and shorts.

The swimsuits are their biggest strength, as is typical: tons of styles, colors, and cuts that are styled well for actual grownups versus teen beach bunnies, and if you can't find something that's stylish and flattering for the beach next year, you're just not looking.

Oh Lands' End, why can't you bring the classic-cool style of your swimsuits to your regular clothes? I want to buy more stuff from you for me versus my kids, but there are only so many fleece tops and pairs of perfect-fitting black pants a girl needs, you know?


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