A Kardashian Kredit Kard: Will You Get One?

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Kim Khloe Kourtney KardashianGREAT NEWS for those of you who will go to extraordinary lengths to Keep Up With the Kardashians:

Those kooky kids (Khloe, Kourtney, and Kim, anyway), are koming out with their own kredit kard!

Yes, the faces (and presumably, the boobage) of the three most famous Kardashian sisters will be prominently displayed on a new prepaid card from Mobile Resource, available November 11. Why? Read on to find out ...


A news release about the new prepaid card states:

When asked about the partnership, this is what the Kardashian sisters had to say: "We are excited to partner with Mobile Resource Card to create our very own financial product. Now our fans will be able to take us with them everywhere."

How do you think that worked, exactly? Did the three sisters all open their mouths at the same time and make that statement in unison? DId they rehearse it in advance, or did it just come out spontaneously? Do the Kardashian girls share the same brain?

The mind BOGGLES.

For those of you keeping score, here is a list of products I could find already endorsed/pimped by the Kardashian girls:

  • PerfectSkin 3-step skincare system
  • Quick Trim "miracle diet product"
  • Kardashian Glamour Tan
  • Kardashian Smile Teeth Whitening System
  • K-Dash Kardashian clothing line for QVC
  • Kardashian bikini line
  • Kardashian clothing line for Bebe
  • Kim Kardashian's ShoeDazzle.com
  • Kim Kardashian Perfume

I'm sure there's more -- I'm seeing the three sisters' faces EVERYWHERE.

What do you think? Is the kurrent Kardashian kraze too much of a good thing?


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Marsh... MarshaCWP

I do not want to be affiliated with the K's in any shape or form.  The very thought makes me ill, and makes my long-dead Baptist mama spin in her grave.

Histo... HistoryMamaX3


These women have done nothing but waggle their asses and flaunt their boobs to the world, and are rich and famous. *sigh* It makes me sad. So many women work hard to be taken seriously- and girls like this do nothing but make the whole sex look bad. But, hey... they have lots of money. That's all that matters.

Linds... LindsayFerrier

Oh yeah, and P.S.

Kim is now in the studio working on tracks for an album.


Soon all that's left will be running for office...

tonya... tonyalynn

i wanna hear her track

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