Kelly Osbourne Nude -- Kim Kardashian Style

Kelly OsbourneKelly Osbourne is the most recent diva to dip into metallic paints. We all remember Kim Kardashian's nude W magazine photo shoot, which she supposedly did in the name of art (yeah right), and now Kelly has stripped down in a Goldfinger-inspired campaign for the Sky+HD TV channel (uhh ... random?).

She's helping celebrate Sky's The Gold and the Beautiful campaign, in honor of reaching their ''Golden 50'' HD channels and beyond.

Okay, so Kelly's media outlet isn't exactly a national magazine read by millions, but I do think her nude photos are on a whole other level of class.


Her ass isn't staring back at you the minute you come across the photo. She's wearing bikini bottoms, unlike Kim K's big ol' booty that's just all up in your face (which I'm sure the guys are totally complaining about). And no nipples to be found anywhere, yay!

And while Kim has always been a sex symbol, Kelly has had a long battle with her weight, and I gotta say, girlfriend looks ah-mazing. "Since my weight loss I'm a lot more body confident in front of the camera," the party girl-turned-starlet said in a press release for Sky. It's a mind-blowing transformation and she has every right to flaunt it.

What do you think of Kelly's nude photos? Think they're classier than Kim's?


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