'America's Next Top Model' Recap: Missoni and Milan, Oh My!

America's Next Top ModelSo this week on America's Next Top Model, there were six girls left in the game -- and those six got to go from Venice, California, to Venice, Italy.

That's right, it's the always-expected Top Model trip!


The trip starts out in Venice, where the girls do a couture shoot on the city's famed canals, with a hot guy who's supposed to represent the city's most famed lover, Casanova.

The girls are super-excited to be there, but apparently it's not so fun wearing heavy brocades and silks while perched on a gondola in the middle of a wet, hot Italian summer. They're split into groups of three: Ann, Jane, and Chelsey are on one gondola, Kayla, Chris, and Liz on the other. They're competing directly with each other for best photo.

Jane and Chelsey rock their shoot right off the bat, while Amazonian Ann -- who ended up in the bottom two last week despite having scored an unprecedented five top photos in row earlier this season -- looks awkward and uncomfortable as usual.

On the other team, Kayla steals the shot by focusing on herself and her expression instead of the model playing Casanova -- last week, she revealed she was abused as a child and therefore has major issues about intimacy with men. Plus, she's a lesbian, so she says she has to work harder to create that chemistry. Chris is too "not in the moment," and Liz, who's posing kind of vulgarly while towering behind Casanova, is having a makeup meltdown in the heat. Once it starts raining, Mr. Jay calls it a day.

Good thing, too, because the girls are jetting off to Milan, stat. Liz pulls out a signature dumb one-liner, noting that when she heard Milan, she thought they meant Mulan, like the Disney character, so she imagined they'd be jetting off to Japan. Uh, yeah. Anyway.

When they get to the generally coveted model apartment, it's, well, not so covetable. In fact, it's downright small and dingy. Then Tyra shows up to explain why this group's been dissed. It's a real model apartment, the $30 a night type deal that actual working models have to put up with. Sure, Tyra, but aren't these girls aiming for "Top" model status?

Anyway, they're in Milan on a mission. First up, a meeting at Missoni, where the girls try on fashions for the uber-cute and sassy Fall/Winter line. Ladies, let me tell you, I was just drooling over some of the line's signature sweater dresses, scarves, and turtlenecks. Just gorgeous stuff. Too bad it's fall/winter wear -- and the girls are stuck modeling it in the thick of summer. Ouch, with no AC to boot. 

The girls walk for the two Missoni madams, Angelina and her daughter model Margherita, transforming from haute models to hot -- as in melting from the heat -- models. Despite some dramatics from Liz and Chelsey, they all walk the walk, then head straight to panel, still wearing their heavy winter wear.

Top picture this time? Kayla clinches it, followed closely by Chelsey. Ann's not far behind, despite her awkward ways, and Jane pulls through okay. Which means the bottom two are Chris and Liz. Shocker.

Charmer Chris ain't really going anyway, and Liz's dismissal has been a long time coming. After all, she hasn't really rocked it at all the whole time she's been there. There are tears, but Mama Liz says she's so happy to be going home to her little baby girl that it doesn't matter.

Only five girls remain on America's Next Top Model. Do you think Amazonian Ann can climb back to the top of the pack?


Image via CW TV

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