Katy Perry Gets a Makeunder (and It's About Damn Time)

Katy PerryWhen you think of Katy Perry, you probably think of LOADS of makeup, Betty Boop-style clothing, and dyed raven tresses ...


Well somehow, Harper's Bazaar convinced our favorite California Gurl to abandon the fire engine red lipstick and wacky costumes in favor of a decidedly less cartoony look.

Her reward?


Click through to see Katy's makeunder ... and tell me what you think of it.







Katy Perry BazaarOh, Katy.


I (practically) have tears in my eyes getting a look at what's been under the Maybelline all along.

I mean, she's gorgeous, don't you think? Sort of like a young Courteney Cox, only softer.

I really hope Katy gets a ton of compliments on this cover and reconsiders her Minnie Mouse-inspired fashion sense. It's fine at her age, but girlfriend's getting older every day and I'm hoping she'll evolve into the Bazaar version of Katy Perry sooner rather than later.

Not only that, a permanent makeunder for Katy would probably serve her well, making her seem more like an artist with some staying power, rather than the flavor of the moment.

That's my two cents ...

What's yours?

(Oh! And see more photos from Katy Perry's Bazaar shoot here!)


Images via Ballistik Coffee Boy/Flickr and Harper's Bazaar

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