High Fashion at Affordable Prices? Better Run!

Lanvin for H&M is set to debut on November 23, and if past designer collections are any indication, you better be outside the store at 8 a.m. if you actually want to wear it.

It's pretty incredible, not going to lie. I scrolled through Vogue's photos with a bit of drool coming out the corner of my mouth. True story.

Look at the red shoes and the black tiered dress.

Lanvin is France's oldest couture house. They were founded in 1889 by Jeanne Lanvin, and are known for being very feminine, but also classic. Now they're run by the Israeli designer Alber Elbaz.

This collaboration with H&M isn't the first time H&M has dabbled in high fashion. In the past they have also had designs by Stella McCartney.

Here is a spot for the Lanvin line:


Looks great, no?

Of course the problem has always been, when H&M goes high fashion, the lines always sells out in hours. So don't expect to wear these amazing pieces at (semi) affordable prices right away.

A pair of shoes runs around $100 and a dress around $150. Still, far more affordable than actual Lanvin.

Happy shopping!

Would you wear this line?


Image via YouTube

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