Teenage Designer Back: Is the World Ready?

Kira Plastinina, the Russian heiress who made bubble skirts and glittered apparel for teens, is back again and now, at 18, she's ready for a more grown-up look.

Back in 2008, Plastinina debuted her fashion line, which featured vinyl and glitter and was worn by stars like Paris Hilton. And then just as quickly as Plastinin appeared, it was taken away.

The company, which was funded by her father, a wealthy CEO in Russia, moved too quickly and had name branding issues, and eventually it went bankrupt to the tune of nearly $55 million in debt.

The new label -- Lublu -- means "I love" in Russian and represents a new start. It features "sophisticated silhouettes decorated with heavily beaded crosses."



This time around, Kira is working on keeping it slow. Rather than opening a million store fronts and going for broke, she will sell her line wholesale to various boutiques.

Kira Plastinina is quoted in a WWD article:

I'm a little more involved in the business side than when I was 14.

The company opened 13 stores quickly -- too quickly it would seem. It was a strategy that seemed to build off a teenager's enthusiasm. 

Maybe this time the strategy will pay off?

Would you wear Lublu? 


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