Clear, Fashion Rain Boots Spotted: Are Your Feet Ready?

clear ankle boots booties model

Swedish label Cheap Monday introduced clear boots for their spring 2011 collection. The totally transparent boots come in several heights and heel styles, and they'll go with anything. What's not to love?

Well, I have 10 really good reasons why these see-through boots are not all that lovable. Ten nubby little unpainted reasons.


I finally got summer and springtime pedicures worked into my annual budget, and here come clear boots. Great. This means pedicures in fall and winter too -- year-round pedicures! Feet on parade anytime of the year! Oh no!

Simply put, I count on winter and fall for what I like to call "foot hibernation." The feet slide into socks and shoes and don't come out until spring. It's time to let my toenails breathe and wiggle polish free. It's one less thing on my to-do list. Heck, I don't even have to look at my feet for months. And, hello, it eliminates that extra expense I don't need.

Check out the three Cheap Monday clear rain boot styles:

1. Clear ankle boots (flats; shown above)

2. Clear ankle boots (heels)

clear ankle boots booties model

3. Clear over-the-knee boots

clear over the knee boots

I definitely respect the creative ingenuity of these boots that let women with pretty tan summer legs and adorable daisy-painted toes flaunt them a little longer. I'm just sayin' I'm not doing it. In fact, I liked how Zac Posen played the clear boots trend a little better, still allowing the toes to hibernate.

I say long live toe hibernation season! What say you?

Are you into these clear rain boots? Would you wear them?


Images via Cheap Monday

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