Linda McMahon WWE Shirts, 'I.D. Me' Buttons & More News

voteToday marks the beginning of the United States Senate and House of Representatives elections, and though you may not have thought about what your poll outfit should be, check out these links on how you can (and can't) show your support:

  • Did you know that in many areas, it's actually illegal to flaunt your favorite politician's message on a t-shirt? Wearing a shirt that says "Go Gavin" may result in a poll volunteer asking you to cover up. -- NBC
  • Well, if folks can't wear the name of their favorite politician, you can expect they'll find a loophole. Fans of Linda McMahon plan on wearing pro wrestling t-shirts when they vote since the Connecticut Senate candidate once led World Wrestling Entertainment. -- NPR
  • Unfortunately, a group who wanted to wear "I.D. Me" buttons to the polls didn't get so lucky. Since certain Minnesota candidates are pushing for a photo I.D. law, a judge ruled the buttons as campaign material; therefore, they are banned from the polls. Tough luck, guys. -- TPM

Image via Theresa Thompson/Flickr

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