Outfits for the (Political) Party

votingYour yard may be filled with "Vote For" signs and you may even have patriotically colored bumper stickers on your car. But if you really want to show your party pride, you need to be dressed as such when you hit the polls beginning tomorrow, November 2, when you're voting for your ideal United States Senate.

In some areas, it may be considered a faux pas to wear political message outfits, so be sure to check with your local poll. However, these picks are subtle and chic enough to come across as everyday outfits.




For those of you who are Republicans and haven't gone way of the Tea Party, wear your party pride on your sleeve -- literally.

Republican party outfit

  • Annabella Tee from Gargyle ($50): Elephants may not be the most graceful of creatures, but this tee makes the party's mascot look super-chic. 
  • Fedora from H&M ($6.95)
  • Gucci eyeglasses from Frames Direct ($185)
  • Scarlet scarf from ModCloth ($28): Red is informally the Republican party's color.
  • Skinny jeans from American Eagle Outfitters ($50)

The Democratic Party's mascot may be an ass, but that doesn't mean you have to look like one when at the polls:

democratic party outfit

  • Cut Tee from I Don't Like Monkeys ($18): There doesn't seem to be a high demand for tees with donkeys on them (I can't imagine why), so take an image of one and have it screen-pressed onto a fashionable white tee for a sexy political statement.
  • Gena scarf from Lori's Shoes ($18): Rock the Democratic blue in the form of accessories. 
  • Soft jeggings from American Eagle Outfitters ($40)
  • Daytrip lace & striped flyaway vest from Buckle ($26.50)

Political preference aside, which look is your favorite? Are you planning on voting?


Images via trazomfreak/Flickr, Polyvore.com


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