Dress Down Your Dress-Up Clothes: How to Do It and How NOT to Do It

Marc JacobsThe Wall Street Journal is in a tizzy right now over the trend of wearing dress-up and dress-down clothes together.

In particular, WSJ writer Alexa Brazilian swooned over Marc Jacobs' fall runway look pictured to your left, in which he paired a velvet evening skirt with a heavy fisherman's sweater.

The wha ...?

I'm sorry, but nothing about this model looks good to me.

If I saw her at a fancy party, I'd think she'd had a wardrobe malfunction and been forced to borrow a sweater she found stashed in her date's car.

Suffice it to say, if you're wanting to mix up your dress-up and dress-down pieces, you really need to proceed with caution -- and not necessarily listen to what the WSJ has to say about it.

However, I can think of a brilliant example of a retailer that's definitely getting the trend right.

See who I'm talking about below, and then tell me in the comments if you're willing to try this daring trend at your next grand affair.



J. CrewIn all of its November catalog, J.Crew is doing the casual/luxe trend right. Sequins, feathers, and chunky, over-the-top jewelry are paired with jeans and casual cardigans, resulting in a very stylish look that's neither too dressy or too casual.

I love the way a sequined tank and glamorous bracelets give this simple cardigan and jeans some serious pizazz.


J. CrewAnd check out this lovely tweed jacket, worn with skinny jeans and a chambray shirt. I have several Chanel-style jackets I scored from my mom and I love wearing them with my favorite pair of jeans. It's uptown meets downtown and it's always a great way to look put-together without seeming like you're trying too hard.

Try these real-life ways to wear the trend and I'm betting you'll get lots of compliments.

And take it from me -- leave the fisherman's sweater at home the next time you wear a ballgown.


Images via Marc Jacobs, J.Crew

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