Now YOU Can Say "Amy Winehouse Designed My Clothes!" Happy?

Amy WinehouseAmy Winehouse.

The name brings to mind many images.

Binge drinker. Drug user.

Clothing designer?

Yes, folks. Amy Winehouse now has her own line of clothing, thanks to British retailer Fred Perry.

It only makes sense, right?

We've all been dying to wear clothes designed by a rehabbed has-been who apparently still hasn't gotten her act together.

I know I sound harsh, but it's irritating that someone like Winehouse is getting clothing endorsement deals that essentially reward her for her bad and self-destructive behavior.

Anyway, want to see her clothing line? Keep reading. Then tell me if you'd wear the Winehouse label...


Amy WinehouseThis sweater isn't horrible, but seeing Amy in it doesn't exactly have me racing to order it...

Amy WinehouseThis shirt, however, was apparently so fugly that the real Amy wouldn't even put it on.


Amy WinehouseThis trenchcoat isn't bad, but you've got to be crazy if you think I'm paying $437 for it. I can get the same thing at TJ Maxx for under fifty dollars.


Amy WinehouseMeh.


Amy WinehouseOh hell no...

There's more, but it all looks basically like this stuff.

So what do you think, girls? Does Amy Winehouse have a future in clothing design? Or should she stick with what she knows best-- songs about rehab?


Images via Fred Perry




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