'America's Next Top Model' Recap: Posen & Posing

America's Next Top Model
This week on Top Model: seven girls remain -- and one of them's gotta go.

What happens to Amazonian Ann when she stops winning best picture for weeks on end?

She ends up in the bottom two, that's what.

This week on America's Next Top Model, Tyra and the judging panel flipped the switch, landing charmer Chris the best picture title. Yeah, I was like, "Wha?" too.

There's an easy explanation for all this. Three words: Cover Girl commercial.

But first, Miss Jay -- and guest judge Zac Posen -- showed up bright and early at the girls' Venice Beach pad to let them know that they'd be walking in Posen's Fall 2010 runway show, with some real posers. And ladies, apparently there's some mean girls in modeling, too.


Of course it turns out that Mr. Jay prodded the professional models into working the "mean girls" vibe, to throw our wannabes off balance right before they hit the runway in what would be their first professional gig.

Some girls brushed it right off, like Chris, Liz, and Chelsey, who strutted her stuff into winning this round and five new looks from Posen's line. BTW, Zac's fall collection? Totally cute, with colors that pop and clean, sophisticated lines. 

Anyway, self-esteem-challenged Ann pretty much crumbled under the pressure, stumbling down the runway with this vapid, deer-caught-in-headlights look. The other big loser of the day? Esther, who pretty much stomped her way through it.

In the end, the girls discovered it was all a setup to see who could handle the pressure. Ouch.

But there's no rest for the weary. And the next day, Nigel Barker and Mr. Jay showed up at the model manse demanding breakfast, which apparently none of the ladies eat. No worries, there were no doubt craft services available at the Cover Girl shoot, which happened to be on the beach right outside their Venice Beach pad.

A day on the beach, right? Wrong. The girls had to work their Cover Girl style -- on skates. Yup. It was as miserable as it sounds. Playful Chris took this one, with her effortless, cheesy-charming spokesperson-ing. Chelsey and Jane managed to stumble through it. But the rest of the girls were certifiable disasters.

Also stepping up was Kayla, who was in tears pre-shoot because the thought of cozying up to the male models -- whom Nigel suggested they kiss -- was really stressing her out. Turns out she waited 'til she was on national television to reveal to anyone, like ever in her life, that she had been sexually abused for over a year when she was 11. Ouch. But despite this painful past, she knew she had to move forward. And apparently the way to do that is by rocking your Cover Girl ad.

The rest didn't fare so well. Liz giggled throughout the shoot, incurring the wrath of Nigel, who said had this been a real shoot, she'd have wasted hundreds of thousands of dollars. Esther was just as stiff, barely managing to look into the camera in some shots. But Ann bit it big time, all her worst socially inept nightmares coming true as she repeatedly fell on her ass for the cameras. Her minimal self-esteem was totally shot by the end of the day.

Judging was a no-brainer. Chris scored best photo -- a screen grab from her ad -- and Chelsey, Jane, Kayla, and Liz followed close behind. The bottom two: Esther and Ann. But how you gonna send home someone who's won an unprecedented five best photos in a row? You're not. So Esther was sent packing. But Ann got a strong warning this week. Modeling isn't just about taking pretty pictures, Tyra warned. You've got to bring some big-time personality to the game.

Do you think Ann should have gone home? Or should they have just gotten rid of Liz already?

Image via CW TV

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