Coach Revamps Logo Bags to Look Less Snobby

coach bagCoach is known for their infamous logo bags -- purses with nothing but a pattern of striking C's covering it. As chic as these bags may be, I find them to be a little pretentious -- the C's are just so in-your-face. Is it really that important that I, the person walking by you on the street, know that you spent $700 on a handbag?

Thankfully, they've recently taken it down a notch, making the C a little more subtle (but don't worry, it's still there so you can say nah nah nah, I have a Coach bag!).


The pink/gold of this small Poppy Clipped Lurex ($198) blend harmoniously together so it looks more like an actual design than a letter of the alphabet, keeping it classy.



coach bag

The C's are practically camouflaged in this Mia Inlaid Swingpack ($168).


Look closely, do you spot the C in this Hamptons Ski with Fur Hobo ($798)?

See what I mean? They've compromised. They've made it so that it still has the iconic C for those that enjoy security in their designer wear, but it's not annoying for the rest of us (who can't afford it) to look at.

What do you think of their new designs?


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