The Vulva Necklace: Would You Wear It?

Etsy"I saw your post on knitted beards," my friend said this morning while we stood in her kitchen. "But have you seen what else is on Etsy?"

She opened her laptop and showed me ... this.

Oh y'all.


Vulva necklaces, in every shape, size and color.



And it only gets better ...


"If you send her a picture of your vulva, she'll custom make a vulva for you!" my friend informed me.

Or you can just wear someone else's vulva around your neck.Vulva NecklaceLike this one, in green ...


Vulva Belt BuckleYou also could wear your vulva on a belt buckle (or give it to your husband or SO!).


Vulva You could hang your vulva on the wall! (Preferably by the front door.)


Etsy Or try some delicious Vulva Delights? You know what I'll be getting the in-laws for Christmas this year!!


EtsyOr this vulv ... oh wait. That's just a hand-knitted circle scarf. My bad, Etsy!

Would you wear your vulva as an accessory?


Images via Etsy

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