5 Too Soon Halloween Costumes

octopus costumeThe scariest thing that could happen on Halloween has nothing to do with things that go bump in the night. Picture this scenario: You're at home getting ready, and pretty darn proud of your costume. You look in the mirror and think, This is so witty and hilarious! I'm going to be a hit at the party!

You head to the party and as you walk through the door, suddenly there's silence. Somehow the music stops with a big scratching sound (even though it's an iTunes player and not a record player), and everyone is staring. Jaws drop open, others are shaking their heads. You hear Oh no she didn't being whispered.

Too soon, man, too soon.

To avoid having this happen to you, here are 5 too-soon costumes to avoid wearing on Halloween.


Paul the Octopus: Okay, so this is the only adult octopus costume I could find (and of course it's a "sexy octopus"), but most octopuses look the same -- just work with me here. Paul the amazing psychic octopus died just this week. A little respect, please!

Walkman: We're not even done with our moment of silence (hey, my Walkman helped me through many pre-teen heartbreaks) and you're going to show up in a Walkman costume?! For shame!

Bob Guccione

Bob Guccione: The longtime Penthouse publisher passed away last week. But if you really want to go as him, you can always say you're a pimp/mafia guy to the truly horrified.

Olympic Georgian Bobsledder: Sure the horrific bobsledding accident that took the life of the athlete happened over 8 months ago, but still. You're going to hell if you wear this costume. 

Animal Covered in Oil: The BP oil spill is still affecting lives in the Gulf. I still can't look at photos of the animals without tearing up. Not cool.

Which costumes do you feel would be too soon to wear?


Images via MissBellyDance.com, Facebook

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