12 Retro, Tacky & Timely Group Halloween Costumes

piratesHalloween is bearing down on us very very soon, and if you're like me, you may still be searching out the perfect costume ... and having your bubble burst when you realize all the really cool costumes were out the door in September and you can be either Austin Powers Girl or that creepy cowgirl-riding-a-horse thing.

If you've got some friends who are game and have a little creativity, though, you could all go in a group costume and make a real splash. The best part is, many of these costumes can be whipped up at the last minute and are budget-friendly. Mother Nature News posted this week with a few ideas, and I have a few of my own.


Mother Nature News suggested:

  • Cast of Jersey Shore (will be everywhere, and how tragic would it be to end up the second-best Snooki at the party?)
  • Chilean miners (ditto)
  • Cast of Glee (could be awesome if you have a diverse group of friends)
  • Kiss (could be hard to pull off this late in the game, unless you all wore black wigs, black T-shirts, and ripped jeans along with the makeup and were "casual day Kiss")
  • A gaggle of Lady Gagas (come up with her various looks, but I'd skip the meat dress)
  • Cast of Real Housewives (choose one city only, and this would be so much fun for a group of girlfriends -- everyone has a cocktail dress or old bridesmaid getup they can tacky up, add some orange bronzer and heavy eyeliner, and you're good to go)
  • Dorothy, the Tin Man, the Scarecrow, and the Cowardly Lion from The Wizard of Oz (lame, and hard to pull off at this late date)

I've got some fun ideas too:

My friend Stacey and five of her friends dressed up as beer bottles (brown felt, brown shirts, a pie tin for a bottle cap) and went as a six-pack. It was an awesome and funny costume ... and kind of meta to see a beer drinking a beer.beer

The Go-Gos would be fun: '80s costumes are still everywhere, and some of us still might or might not have some of this stuff still in the back of our closets. To continue with a retro or TV vibe, you could be the cast of the Facts of Life, or Gilligan's Island, or even Friends. Some friends and I planned to attend an '80s party dressed as Robert Palmer Girls.

Even super-lame last-minute costumes like kitty cats or bunnies could be fun if a whole bunch of friends did them and you went as a litter.

Are you dressing up for Halloween? Have you done a group costume?

Images via Mike Goren(celebdu)/Flickr and Stacey Teufel

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