6 Quick Fixes for Common Shoe Emergencies

Ballerina To Go

Time to file this away in the Why the Hell Didn't I Think of This? archives. If you've ever been out dancing in a brand-new pair of stilettos and then were tortured by the pain they caused your feet hours later, Isabella Fendt, a student from Germany, solved this problem for you.

She invented a vending machine that sells flats! Four of the machines have already been installed in Munich. Fendt says she got her inspiration after her feet were hurting her when dancing in clubs while wearing stilettos. With "Ballerina to Go," you can buy flat ballet shoes for just $10 in gold, silver, black, or purple.

Sounds like something we could use in the U.S. Until the innovation makes its way to our shores, here are some other fast shoe problem fixes to consider while you're on that long, painful walk home ...



CitySlips: In case you're the type who prepares in advance enough to not need a vending machine, CitySlips are ballet flats that come in a small pouch, which zips up to store your flats when you don't have to wear them. Hidden inside the pouch is extra fabric that expands into a full-size tote bag when you've had enough of your heels. Place the heels inside the tote bag and you won't have to worry about finding a place to store them when you make the swap!

LiftKits: Many short guys wish they were taller. Girls get to wear high heels, but what can guys do without looking like they were transported back to the '70s? LiftKits found the answer: They're inserts that can be put into dress shoes, casual shoes, athletic shoes, boots, etc. They can subtly make you taller by an inch or two without having to wear those uncomfortable elevator shoes. And an inch or two makes a world of difference. Now shorter men can be taller than girls if they're in high heels. Happy tall folks all around!


Shoe Goo 

Shoe Goo: You can use the amazing Shoe Goo to fix rubber soles, tears in the canvas or leather tops, or to stop your laces from fraying. It dries to a waterproof, flexible rubber, so you don't have to worry about your boots or shoes breaking or cracking. If you're able to fix the soles, it'll save you tons of money since you don't have to replace the shoes. You can choose either clear or black, and both are equally effective. It's handy stuff to have around in a shoe emergency.

Foot Claw: Cheesiness of the video aside, the Foot Claw would be perfect for someone like me, who can't seem to walk two steps on ice/mud/pavement in general without falling and never being able to get back up. Specially designed steel alloy claws give you gripping power on any surface. The infomercial even shows some dude walk up a roof in them. You can slip them over any of your shoes, even stilettos. Sounds like the perfect solution for the balance-challenged.

StuffitsStuffits: If you're a runner or any kind of athlete or are hiking on a rainy day, these Stuffits will make sure you don't have to throw your stinky, smelly, wet shoes in the garage to air out. These Stuffits absorb moisture and eliminate odors. Just stick them into your shoes after you wear them, and up to 60 percent of the moisture is soaked up. If you use them frequently, all you have to do is replace the cedar bags, which you'd have to do every six months. But totally worth it to throw those shoes into the closet instead of scaring off your dog and small children, right?


What do you think of these shoe fixes? Have you ever tried them? Would you buy flats in a vending machine?

Images via Ballerina-to-Go; CitySlips; Amazon; Stuffits

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