Rachael Leigh Cook Is Right! Look How They Airbrushed Me!

Rachael Leigh Cook, the 31-year-old actress famous for playing teens, is speaking out against Photoshop, and I'm joining her.

A few weeks ago, I was offered a boudoir photo shoot courtesy of Focal Impulse, a photography studio in Boston, Massachusetts.

The photo shoot and the many aspects involved will be the topic of a later post, but the airbrushing struck me as dramatic and really drove home just how far the images we see in magazines are from reality.

Here is the airbrushed image:




Here is the original:

Photoshop fixed my flattened out, uneven breasts. It took the lines off my forehead, added fat to my shoulder to make it look more even, and generally evened out my skin tone.

Wow, I thought. If that were me, I would be so happy! If only I had those boobs!

But the photo isn't me and that made me feel bad. It made me want to start using serums and anti-aging things and even get a boob job. Seriously. Seeing the original made me feel good at first, but seeing what I could look like with a boob job, some Botox, and fillers made me feel ugly or not good enough. I feel the same way when I look at women's magazines.

When I was a teenager, I used to pore over magazines thinking if only I looked like such and such, I would be perfectly happy. I can remember so clearly how I felt, much the way Cook described, and I, like Cook, developed "food issues." It's hard not to when you're faced every day with impossible (literally) standards.

Rachael Leigh Cook is encouraging young people to google "photoshop tutorial" so they understand that what they see in the magazines isn't real. She is concerned about the way she feels the media impacts young women and men by manipulating them with false photos.

Cook was gorgeous before the airbrushing, but she's unattainably perfect after. We're all sold these images as if they're real and if we only buy this product or use this gym or go on this diet, we can look like that, too.

It's refreshing to see stars like Rachael Leigh Cook speak the truth. Even Cook doesn't look like "Rachael Leigh Cook" and you know what? That makes me feel better. It really does.

I'm with her. Let's embrace our real boobs and lines and wonky arms and let's try to understand that beauty is at its best when it's real.

What do you think of Photoshop? Does it make you feel bad?


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