Is the Skinny Jean Trend Dead?

When the looks for Fall 2010 came down the runway in February, many editors breathed a sigh of relief as wide leg jeans and trousers made a surprising return. Since the runways, wide legs have resurfaced at Chloé, Dolce & Gabbana, and Zac Posen, infusing a bit of the laid-back '70s vibe into their collections.

Jennifer Lopez's character in The Back-up Plan brought the look to life (at left), pairing wide leg jeans with long sweaters and wooden platforms. Her look in the film was effortless and casual chic, but noticeably devoid of slimmer, body-conscious styles. 

But does the return of wide leg jeans mean the end of skinny jeans?


Good news! Both wide leg and skinny jeans have their own place in your wardrobe. The reintroduction of one style doesn't mean the end of another. In today's fashion landscape, there's room for almost anything -- it's all in how you wear it.



To ease into wide leg styles, try a trouser jean. These offer the best combination of flared legs with the fit of your favorite trousers. Old Navy's The Dreamer Embroidered-Pocket Trouser Jeans ($34.50) look perfect with long sweaters, wooden platforms, or your favorite blazer.

Not to be forgotten, the skinny jean is still a very necessary element of your fall wardrobe. Skinny jeans are great to show off your favorite pair of flats or to tuck into knee high boots. Liz Claiborne's Skinny Jean ($29-$36) is a classic five-pocket that will carry you across seasons.

Do you prefer wide leg, skinny, or a mixture of both styles in your wardrobe? 

Images via Zimbio, Old Navy & JC Penney

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