JWOWW Clothing Line 'Filthy Couture' Disappears

It has been a bad week for Jenny Farley, the woman better known as JWOWW of MTV's Jersey Shore fame. First the news came that the $400,000 Playboy deal was off and now it seems her Filthy Couture clothing line is also going the way of the Dodo.

JWOWW's signature style might best be described as stripper chic. In July she launched 'Filthy Couture,' her website showcasing her insanely bedazzled collection of clothing.

According to Radar:

"Due to trademark issues the company was shut down," said a friend of the bodacious reality star.

I am not sure who looks at JWOWW and thinks: "Gee, I'd love to look like that," but apparently plenty do because the reality "star" had to refund the many people who had pre-ordered her stuff and apparently that number was high.


They crashed the site the first day it opened.

JWOWW started her clothing line and teamed up with other designers to create dresses and outfits that were all hand-silicon painted, featuring Swarovski crystals and lace.

The clothing had names like Pure Sin, Luscious Links, Violet Desire, and Sexy Siren and featured smolderingly sexy models showcasing it.

According to Radar:

According to another source another clothing line with a similar name threatened a lawsuit and Filthy Couture shut down immediately. She could have given her line a new name but instead just let it go. She's no longer designing clothes for her line and I'm not sure if she'll ever do it again.

Alas. You will have to get your barely there stripper clothing and nightwear bikinis elsewhere.

Would you have worn JWOWW's clothing?


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