Shocker! Hollywood Starlet Spotted In A Modest Swimsuit!

Jaime KingIf this isn't a breath of fresh air, I don't know what is.

Sin City star Jaime King was spotted on a Miami beach recently in a swimsuit that DIDN'T let it all hang out!

Obviously, King has the kind of body that would look good in a teeny bikini.

How refreshing that she chose a more modest cut-

One that wouldn't cause a wardrobe malfunction when she hit the waves-

One that actually leaves a little something to the imagination-

One that hearkens back to a more innocent time, when Hollywood bombshells all wore suits like this one.

What do you think of Jaime's modest swimwear?


I would love to see Hollywood celebs sport swimwear that took more than three triangles and a length of string to make. There's nothing wrong with keeping certain body parts hidden-- and frankly, I've never seen the logic of wearing a bikini at the beach if you actually plan on swimming. There's too much potential for disaster when you're in the water.

But maybe that's exactly what some of these celebrities are hoping for...

I am seeing a return lately to retro swimwear with a more modest cut, allowing us to still look hip without showing the world more of us than they really need to see.

If you like Jaime's swimsuit, here are a few similar options...

Newport NewsThis Retro-Style Control Top Swimsuit Dress (Newport News, $49 on sale) manages to be both sexy and fairly modest. Love it.


ModClothThis Bathing Beauty One Piece (ModCloth, $89.99) channels Esther Williams in her heyday.


FigleavesAnd this Jantzen Maillot (Figleaves, $61.88 on sale) can be worn with or without a detachable strap. Great for tan lines!

What do you think of Jaime's retro swimsuit style? Fabulous... or frumpy?

Images (top to bottom): Splash News, Newport News,  ModCloth, Figleaves

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