Why You Can't Find More Plus-Size Options: Mystery Revealed!

TorridA fascinating article in the LA Times recently answers the question so many of you have been asking on this blog:

If nearly 65% of women are overweight, why aren't more designers specializing in plus-size clothing?

The answer after the jump...


As it turns out, most designers simply never learned how to design flattering clothing for larger figures.

Since the majority of up and coming designers are only interested in making clothes for thin women, design schools across the country aren't offering many classes with instruction on making plus-size clothing.

The LA Times quotes Marshal Cohen, chief analyst for the NPD Group, a retail and consumer behavior research firm as saying:

There is a very different science to the plus-size business. Half of what goes into the garment is different. Not all fabrics or techniques can translate to the plus-size customer.

And that, according to the Times, is why so many plus-size retailers feature tent-like pieces, instead of clothing that flatters and accentuates the positives of a plus-size figure.

Read the entire LA Times piece here. It's well worth your while.

Somehow, it never occurred to me that designers simply never learned how to make larger clothing-- but it makes sense.

What do you think of this plus-size revelation?


Image via Torrid

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