Top 10 Most Bizarre Sexy Halloween Costumes

Sexy Skunk CostumeWe all know that for too many women, Halloween is nothing more than an excuse to dress like a hoochie

But while sexy nurses, teachers, and French maids abound at your average adult Halloween party, some costume companies are now making it possible for the general public to go waaaay too far with the sexy.

Take this sexy skunk costume, for example.

Yes. You read that right.


And it can be yours for the low, low price of $148.95! (Wretched, fetid scent not included.)

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Trust me, you won't be disappointed!






Sexy Nerd Costume

Why be a nerd for Halloween when you can be a Sexy Nerd (Yandy, $37.95)?


Sexy ChewbaccaSpeaking of nerds, who wouldn't want to be Sexy Chewbacca (Yandy, $150) for Halloween?


Sexy Willie WonkaSurely you thought the same thing I did when you watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory for the first time ... "Man, I wish there were a sexy Willie Wonka costume!" My dear, your prayers have been answered.


Sexy Remote ControlOf course, there's nothing sexier than a remote control ... hence the Sexy Remote Control costume (Yandy, $35.95)!


Sexy Mary PoppinsSexy Mary Poppins (Yandy, $49.95)? Now that's just wrong ...


Sexy Candyland CostumeEvery time I've played Candyland with my kids, I've thought to myself, "They really should make a sexy costume to go with this board game!" Voila! A Sexy Candyland Costume (Tandy, $48.95)!


Sexy Phantom of the OperaThen there's Sexy Phantom of the Opera (Yandy, $49.95). You know, just cuz.


Sexy Hermione CostumeAnd let's not forget about Sexy Hermione (Yandy, $47.95)!


Sexy Straightjacket Costume Think you're too sexy for your Straightjacket? Think again. My husband's take on this one? "That's ridiculous! You need to be able to hold your drink or your chips or something!"

What do you think of these sexy costumes? Are they taking sexy way too far?


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