'America's Next Top Model' Recap: Drag, Designers & Drunkeness

America's Next Top Model.
Did Liz's astounding John Galliano impersonation earn her best photo?

Now that catty Kacey's gone, things are moving along rather smoothly on America's Next Top Model.

In fact, this week, there was little in-house drama to keep us plugged in, though the girls faced two fun challenges -- a Grammy fashion frenzy and a designer impostor photo shoot. 

And Amazonian Ann, who swept the best photo title for an unprecedented five weeks in a row, finally fell from the impossibly high perch she was placed on to more normal human levels.


For the first challenge, the lovely ladies headed to Los Angeles' Grammy Museum, where they were paired up and asked to pick a Grammy-appropriate look for their partners. Here's where the drama ensues.

Ann gets her partner Chelsey, who's already not feelin' her, a size 12 dress. Chelsey's a size 2. Sabotage? Or stupidity? Perhaps a bit of both. Naturally, Chelsey is not happy. She's dressed Ann in an elegant, curve-hugging get-up. Meanwhile, Chris and Kendal go stripper chic despite aiming to stay away from the working girl look, and Jane and Esther err on the side of too prissy.

The winners are Kayla and Liz, who work a punk rock glam -- because Kayla thought it would make them stand out. It certainly does. Kayla gets the grand prize -- the chance to be a Grammy girl handing out trophies on the stage come February. She's moved to tears. After all, this is the girl who didn't even have a bed 'til she was 14. Plus, you know, she's a lesbian.

Loser Liz, on the other hand, is moved to drink. A lot. When the girls get home, Liz totally drowns her sorrows and annoys the others by crawling all over the floor and lamenting her fate. Still, she manages to get her act together for the challenge the next morning.

And it's a fun one: The girls are made over to impersonate popular fashion designers, and shot by too-cute Italian portrait photographer Francesco Carrozzini. Liz gets John Galliano, with his flowing blonde locks and pencil mustache. She rocks it, especially given the fact that she doesn't know who he is. (Mr. Jay does his signature wince at this.) Other standouts are Kayla channeling Vivienne Westwood, Chris as Betsey Johnson (lots of energy), and Ann as Alexander Wang. But Ann's middle-of-the-road performance lands her in the middle of the pack. Jane's Marc Jacobs, Esther's Christophe Decarnin, and Kendal's Vera Wang just aren't cutting it, but it's Esther and Kendal who end up in the bottom two.

Kendal's sent packing, and it's hardly a shocker. Week after week, she's gotten the same note -- that she was made to be a model, noun, but she doesn't know how to model, verb. She's resting on her amazing looks, but that's just not enough to get anywhere near the Top Model title.

Only seven girls remain -- who are you rooting for to take the Top Model title?


Image via the CW

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