How to Layer Clothes: The Cropped-Over-Long Look

Kim Kardashian cropped jacket

Kim Kardashian

Kapowee! Check out the lovely silhouette on Kim Kardarshian here. Is all her boom boom pow in all the right places merely a stylish illusion created by the perfectly layered outfit -- being a cropped jacket over a long T-shirt?

Good question. Let's talk about layering, the short-over-long layering look that Kim's rockin' in particular.


Alright, so we've all seen Kim Kardashian dressed in much less than we see here, so we know the woman is gifted with the boom and the pow in all the right places. However, even if you're not gifted with Kardashian-style goods, it can't hurt to know how to dress the gifts you have got. This layered look can work for every body type.

layered outfit

Here's a great look for women who are long-waisted or straight up and down. The long plaid blouse provides plenty of coverage, and the cropped sweater creates a nice waistline. Love the beret and shoes here too.

layered outfit woman

If you want to camoflauge your tummy a bit, try a looser, more flowing underlayer (or two thin layers, even in mix 'n' match patterns, add some pretty texture). The waist still gets accentuated by the cropped navy blazer. Great outfit.

cropped jacket layers

Here's a nice look for those of you blessed with a rounder rump or hips. Black (or navy or charcoal) trousers play down the lower half while the slightly fitted creme sweater elongates the waist. The cropped leather jacket, especially in that delicious rusty brown that draws the eye up, creates a great silhouette.

layered look dress boots leggings

The short-over-long layering look works with dresses too. Love the exaggerated shape of this cropped jacket and how the cropped cut gives this slightly potato-sack-ish dress some great-looking curves.

Do you layer your clothes -- short over long?

Images via SplashNews, wren, Anthropologie, The Sartorialist, LORICK New York

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