One Handed Model Sensation: Hint, Hint Victoria’s Secret

one-handed modelThirty-five-year-old Tanja Kiewitz has become an overnight sensation thanks to the recreation of Eva Herzigova's famous Wonderbra ad, only instead of selling lingerie, it's for a campaign for CAP48, a nonprofit organization that raises awareness about disabilities.

The "groundbreaking" ad reads in French, "Look me in the eyes ... I said the eyes."

Yes, I think that this photo is beautiful, and this woman is ridiculously gorgeous, but I just don't get what all the fuss is about. Because she has one arm on a disabilities ad? Really?


I'd much rather see a handicapped person strutting her sexy stuff on the runway -- that's what's going to catch my attention. A handicapped person on an ad for disabilities is expected ... maybe not in a bra, but nonetheless. This advertisement looks like it should belong in a Victoria's Secret catalog, and if that's where I had spotted it, then I would have been like Wow, that's f'n amazing.

Granted, I can only imagine how much guts (and glasses of wine) it had to take to pull off this shoot, and I give major props to Tanja for opening up this door. I can only hope that in opening that door, it also opens up people's minds that beauty comes in all forms -- regardless of color, size, or disability. Our society shuns anything that's not deemed "the norm," and, with it being 2010, that's just insulting.

Take for example the recent ESPN photo of Esther Vergeer. The magazine had images of the paraplegic posing nude and, instead of being the fresh air that it should have been, it was hit with negative feedback, going as far as being called "vomit-inspiring."

Clearly, our narrow-minded society isn't ready to see nude photos of beautiful women who just happen to have disabilities, so perhaps photos like Tanja's are the small steps that we have to take to get there.

Hopefully, thanks to Tanja's courage, we'll see more photos like this -- but in our favorite fashion mags, not charity ads.

What do you think of this photo? Would you like to see more disabled people pose as models?

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