How to Wear Purple With Style

Purple is not a color many of us have readily available in our wardrobe, but it should be. It's versatile and fun and since October 20 is officially Spirit Day -- the day to rock the royal color in honor of LGBT youth -- it seems a how-to is in order.

But really, you can wear it any day.

Purple may not be the easiest color to wear, but as an accessory, it can be perfect. And since I have a 3-year-old who insists on wearing something purple every day, the online retailer The Purple Store is the one-stop shop for fashion dreams.

Here are some ideas:


This is a way to both support LGBT youth and sport one of Fall 2010's hottest looks -- the bright tight. $10 at the Purple Store:

For just $0.85 more, you can rock another trend -- the legging. These purple leggings are so cute and bonus(!) I can match my daughter! These are $11.85 at the Purple Store:


How cute would these be with a black dress or black leggings? A little splash of color, but not too much crazy purple. These are $20.85 at the Purple Store:


My daughter rocks this purple headband that I borrow from her all the time. Great sparkle and style and it can also make a more conservative outfit pop. We got this from a mall stand for $20:

Purple nail polish is a fun color and a great way to wear purple without "wearing" it. This bottle of "Harmonie" is $7 from Zoya:

Do you wear purple?


Images via The Purple Store and Zoya


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