How to Wear a Beret as Chic as the French

Kim KardashianAs the fall air turns crisp, hats are beginning to pop up on heads everywhere, and, for the third year in a row, the beret seems to be the trendy headwear of choice. They can take a simple outfit like jeans and a tee to a whole new level of chic, fit to stroll the streets of Paris.

I'm a huge fan of hats -- they're such an easy fix when I'm having a bad hair day (or a I-don't-feel-like-fixing-my-hair day). However, the beret is tricky. I'm constantly seeing girls on the sidewalk wearing this look all wrong, and I have to stop myself from walking up and fixing it for them. I feel that would probably be overstepping the helpful line into just plain creepiness. So, in my humble attempt at ridding the world of bad hatwear, here is how you should be wearing your beret.


Rule #1: Frame your face.

Do not, I repeat, do not pull those gorgeous locks up into your beret. You want to accessorize your hair, not cover it completely. Frame your face by leaving your hair down and placing the beret an inch or two past your hairline.

Rule #2: Don't wear directly on top.

As I said before, you want to wear it tilting toward the back of your head instead of sitting directly on top. Unless you're going for that stereotypical French painter look.

Rule #3: Wear it slouchy.

You're instinctively going to want to pull it tightly over your head, but don't. This is probably the rule that is broken the most. Leave it slouchy and loose, and if you're really daring, slightly to the side. Play with angles and see which looks best for your face structure. If you feel like it's slipping off, sneak some hairpins in there to keep it in place.

For beginners, I'd recommend starting with a knit beret because they have less structure and tend to lie the way they're supposed to without a whole lot of work.

Ooo la la, tu es tres chic!

Do you like the beret look?


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