Heidi Klum Designs Sportswear Line for Moms on the Go: Are You Buying It?


Project Runway host Heidi Klum has collaborated with New Balance to create a sportswear line for busy moms.

Available exclusively on Amazon, Heidi believes her line will give moms the basics they need to get through their day.

I'm skeptical.

First off, do you know of a mom who dresses like this when she's out and about? Sure, you could wear the leggings to the gym, but who would work out in this poncho?

And if you're going to run errands, are you really going to throw on a shapeless, short, sweatshirt-y poncho top with pink satin inserts?

Particularly when you find out that the poncho costs 168 DOLLARS?!

(The leggings aren't much better, retailing for $78!)

I think not.

Read on to see more "mom-friendly" looks from Heidi's collection, then tell me what you think of the line in the comments!




AmazonI loved Project Runway contestant Andy's version of this dress -- but this mass marketed version just isn't the same, somehow. Beyond that, it's $168! Would you pay that much for a sportswear dress? Yeesh. If so, ARE YOU NUTS?


AmazonFor just $98, this Asymmetrical Dress could be yours! Or for $3, you could probably find close to the same thing at your local Goodwill! It's your choice.


AmazonI know you've been dying to spend $125 on this cropped knit sweatshirt, haven't you? Or perhaps you have $88 lying around for this Relaxed Sweatpant with Zipper .... Me, I think I'll just raid my husband's closet for a pair ...


AmazonWhat? Time to pick up the kids from school? Just throw on this Crop Knit Eyelet Sweatshirt (Amazon, $78) and this Ruched Cropped Pant (Amazon, $78) and you'll definitely be the talk of the car rider pickup line!

You can see lots more looks like these from Heidi's collection here. Check them out and tell me what you think of her new line for busy moms .... Will you buy it?


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h/t: The Stir reader Marsha!


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