Semen Necklace: Would You Wear It?

Pearl NecklaceFrom artist Leah Piepgras comes this Pearl Necklace, which is described as "a seemingly amorphous cast silver shape on a chain that is actually an accurate representation of semen."

Um. Ew.


I think I need a backstory to this piece. How about you?

Of course, this necklace comes from the same artist who has also created a five-piece place setting with plates that depict "a map of the digestive tract, from mouth to anus. They are a reminder that processes are taking place within you while you are eating, promoting mindfulness."

Pass the anus fritters, Maw!

But back to the Pearl Necklace. It retails for $420 and is available in two different, uh, spurts.

Would you wear it? Could you wear it? What would your partner think about it?

I. Must. Know.


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