Gojane: The Super Value Meal of Shoe Stores

Go Jane

Oh girl.

If you haven't heard of Gojane, you are totes missing out.

Check out, for example, these dead ringers for the most popular Louboutin bootie of the season. The biggest difference between this shoe and Louboutin's is the price tag ... Gojane's version costs just 22 DOLLARS.

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Go JaneAs many of you know, I'm dying for a pair of wedge boots -- and these leatherette buckle wedge boots (Gojane, $34) are an AMAZING price! They also come in light brown and black.

GojaneI love this belted ruffle cardigan (Gojane, $29.40). The hardest part is deciding which color I like best: gray, black, or taupe! But the clothing choices are a little slim. Let's get back to THE SHOES.


GojaneNot to get redundant with the wedges, but OMGLOVELOVELOVE these zip-side suede wedge booties (Gojane, $27).


Go JaneA pair of these slouchy cuffed wedge boots (Gojane, $20 on sale) in gray, the color of the season, would put you at the fashion forefront for very little money. They also come in red, brown, black, chestnut, and (shudder) electric blue.

So ... see anything you like?


Images via Gojane

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