Celebrity Costume Makeup Tips & More News

ke$haMost of us ladies can't leave the house without at least putting on some mascara. Needless to say, makeup plays a huge role in our beauty routine, so check out these makeup links I love:

  • Admittedly, most of us probably look better with makeup. But these ladies underwent a serious makeup makeover, plus perfect lighting. The results will blow your friggin' mind. All of the women went from homely to breathtaking. Now can someone please do that to me? -- The Berry
  • The fuller and longer, the better. When it comes to mascara (get your head out of the gutter!), heavy lashes are in and makeup companies are constantly putting out mascaras that "elongate your lashes by 50%." But before spending loads on trying each and every one, check out this beauty editor's picks for getting va-va-voom lashes. -- Lemondrop
  • Halloween is less than two weeks away! Have you got your costume yet? I'm going as Ke$ha and am currently on the hunt for the perfect makeup look. If you're channeling your inner celebrity, check out these makeup tips for getting their look. -- Marie Claire


Image via KnOizKi/Flickr

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