Why You Should Never Ask to Borrow Pajamas From Your Mother

Lindsay Ferrier

Because you will find yourself wondering, after realizing you left your pajamas at home, whether it would be better to sleep in the nude at your parents’ house (!!!!) or ask for pajamas from your mother.

And of course, you will decide on asking for pajamas.

And of course, your mother will give you this --

a nightshirt to end all nightshirts.

And then your husband will laugh at you.

And you will recall that while your mom is always impeccably dressed and also a great person to borrow handbags and jewelry from, clothing often doesn’t translate well from one generation to another.

And you will realize that you're having a hard time making this particular lesson stick ...


You will remember back to when you were eight months pregnant with your first child.

Your mom’s friends were throwing a baby shower for you at a nearby country club, and when your mom saw the maternity clothes you were planning to wear, she decided they just weren’t going to cut it.

What you needed was a snazzy duster to go over your blah turtleneck and black pants! And a bright scarf nattily arranged over one shoulder!

Swollen and uncomfortable, you agreed to wear the outfit -- and a few hours later, as you sat sweating and struggling to open baby presents in the center of the room, you realized that not only did you look like a swollen tick about to pop, but you were also wearing a snazzy duster and a natty scarf!

In front of your non-pregnant girlfriends!


You swore then that you would never let your mother dress you again.

Until now.



Have you ever let your mother dress you in her clothes? How did it go?



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