Horrors: Michelle Williams Ages 30 Years!

Michelle WilliamsCould this really be little Jen Lindley from Dawson's Creek?

Looking at this photo, It's hard to believe Michelle Williams is only 30 years old.

I suppose it's not entirely her fault -- I understand that her platinum 'do is for an upcoming appearance in a Marilyn Monroe biopic ...

But I don't think Marilyn Monroe would have been caught dead looking like this!

Perhaps a little more eye makeup or a sexier dress or a hairstyle more glamorous than that of an aging nun would have saved Michelle's recent red carpet appearance.

The fact is, at first I was going to say she looks like a certain aging film star who was hot stuff back in the day ...

But the truth is, the film star in question looks even younger than Michelle!

Click through to see the proof ...





Sharon StoneSee what I mean?

Sharon Stone is looking better than ever!

I despise the trend of 20- and 30-somethings dressing like little old ladies. Carey Mulligan is a major offender that comes to mind.

Don't you think they'll regret when they're old that they weren't slightly more daring when their bodies were at their best?

*small voice* I know I do.

I spent my 20s trying to look and act older, all because I was in the television news business and was constantly being told by my bosses that I looked too young. I wore plenty of matronly suits and cut my hair in an aging bob -- and now I totally regret it. I think the Michelle Williamses of the world will, too.

What do you think of Michelle's look? Free spirited? Or just plain frumpy?


Image via Samir Hussein/Getty Images, Siebbi/Flickr

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