'Shopaholic' Sophie Kinsella Tips: Raid Granny's Closet!

Sophie KinsellaIt's hard to believe that one of the most famous shopaholic's shopping tips consist of items that are free (yes, free) or super cheap, but sifting through thrift shops and your grandmother's closet is exactly what the author of the Shopaholic book series, Sophie Kinsella, recommends.


Granny's mothball-smelling closet filled with cardigans from the 1940s may not seem like it would be a good source for hidden treasures, but there are ways to spot diamonds in the rough.

"Look for great fabrics -- handwoven silks, tweeds, wonderful old retro prints," Sophie tells The Stir in an exclusive interview. "Don't be put off by the old-fashioned shapes. You can cinch a dress in with a belt, or hem a skirt. Old-fashioned costume jewelery can be fabulous too -- use granny's paste brooch on your jeans belt. The lovely thing with vintage clothes is that you know no one else will be wearing what you're wearing."

And luckily for us, the season's trends are vintage-based. "This season is all about lace. Try buying a length of black lace from a fabric shop and using it as a belt. Camel is also a big trend, which is where granny's closet comes in -- 'borrow' her classic camel coat for the winter!"

Grandma's closet. Check. Thrift shops. Check. But a gal sometimes likes to have brand spanking new items, so what is the one fashion piece that we shouldn't feel guilty about splurging on? "It would be a great bag. After all, you use your bag every day, and a great bag will lift an ordinary outfit. It doesn't have to be a zillion-dollar designer piece. I recently bought a great bag from LeSportSac when I was shopping at the Limelight Marketplace [in NYC] -- it's incredibly practical, but covered with gold hearts and rather fabulous too!"

Are you a fan of turning secondhand pieces into modern fashion? What's your favorite vintage find?


Image via Blake Little


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