Plastic Surgery FAIL

lips plastic surgeryPlastic surgery can be used for good. It can make wrinkles go away. It can make boobs look perkier. It can make tummies look tighter. It can take a horrible kink out of your nose (or just make a huge schnoz look smaller). And, of course, it can make the old look younger. But it can also make you look like a total freak show.


I seriously do not know what some of these people were thinking as they were preparing for surgery. I am guessing they thought they would look better. But I wonder if they think they succeeded?

Some people, like Jennifer Grey, post-nose job, admit to their plastic surgery FAILS -- but others just keep going and going. Surgery after surgery. They become addicted to making their skin tighter, or their boobs bigger, or their lips puffier. Don't they have a close friend that can tell them to stop? Someone who can stage an intervention? Someone to tell them they are making things worse? I just don't get it.

Bruce Jenner actually had additional work done so he could reverse the "plastic" look he got the first time around. It's a shame he had to go through the surgery twice but at least now he looks relatively normal.

plastic surgery face




These images of plastic surgery FAILS make me cringe. And I've only included three of the 28 outrageous pictures displayed at The Berry.







kenny rogers plastic surgery








There is something to be said for getting old gracefully. If you look younger but no longer look like you — there is just something wrong with that. I wonder, did Kenny Rogers (pictured left) intend to change his face so dramatically?









What do you think of the voluntarily altered — when they take it to the extreme? Do you think they know what they really look like?


Images via The Berry

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