J.Crew: Hairy Legs Are IN!!

J. CrewThe Internets are abuzz today over JCrew.com's front page photo.

Did the model forget to bring her razor to the shoot?

Did, as The Frisky surmises, J.Crew decide to unleash its "inner feminist"?

Or, Dlisted wonders, are hairy legs simply the latest thing?

The answer after the jump ...


Gawker provided us all with the answer:

J. CrewThose aren't hairy legs! Those are just lace tights!

Yes, ladies, for just $22.50, you too can have yourself a pair of fugly lace tights that make it look like you haven't shaved in weeks!

I bet you're itching to order yourself a pair now, aren't you?



Images via J.Crew


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