'Mad Men' Secretary Christina Hendricks Was a Goth in High School!

Christina Hendricks
You know Christina Hendricks as Joan Harris, the voluptuous secretary from AMC hit Mad Men.

But back in her Idaho high school days, Christina had a very different look -- Goth!

Click through to see the photographic evidence ...


Christina HendricksChristina showed off this photo during a recent appearance on Ellen. She told Ellen that what you can't see in this photo is that her head is shaved in the back! "It was the '90s!" she said, laughing.

This photo cracks me up because I remember when lots of teenagers dressed this way in the early '90s -- and things haven't changed much today, although I think the preferred term these days for this look is "Emo"...

So now that I've showed you my bad junior high perm and Christina has showed us her Goth years, it's your turn!

What were you in high school? A punk rocker? A softball jock? A cheerleader? Tell me in the comments!

Images via AMC and Ellen

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