Forever 21: A Fabulous Fashion Secret

Forever 21Forever 21 is one of my favorite fashion secrets.

Sure, it's filled with cheap, tight hoochie clothes you swear your daughter will never, ever put on her body under any circumstances.

But don't discount this juniors chain entirely -- the website in particular is filled with amazing deals on wearable trends for women. I love going on "shopping sprees" at because I end up with at least five or six things for under $100!

So let's see what's new at Forever 21 right now!

For starters, you can't go wrong with this wool-blend coat (Forever 21, $27.80), which comes in lots of different colors ...

And there's so. Much. More.



Forever 21A nude heel is a must-have in your wardrobe, and these shiny leatherette pumps (Forever 21, $23.80) perfectly fit the bill.


Forever 21This tie-waist jersey cardigan (Forever 21, $19.80) is one of my favorite mom-friendly trends of the season. These simple, flowy cardigans do a lot to dress up jeans and hide problem areas. I saw a mom wearing one last week over skinny jeans and flat boots and she looked fantastic!


Forever 21A basic, minimalist pair of matte leatherette boots (Forever 21, $29.80) with a not-too-high heel? ORDERING NOW.


Forever 21Forever 21 is king of the inexpensive black staple skirt and, for many of you, this knotted waist pencil skirt (Forever 21, $17.80) totally fits the bill. It's not too short and it has stretch. Fabulous!


Forever 21I've seen so many photos of celebrities wearing boots like these Distressed Leatherette Boots (Forever 21, $32.80) with their skinny jeans, but THEY all paid between $250 and $350 for their boots. Lucky us, we're smarter!


Forever 21Finally, isn't it always time for a new pair of shades? I'm liking these sunglasses (Forever 21, $5.80) and I'm especially liking the price!

Check out the website for thousands more items of clothing, shoes, and accessories! And you can find plus sizes on Forever 21's sister site, Faith 21!

Do you shop Forever 21?


Images via Forever 21

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