Perv Alert! Halloween Costumes for Minds in the Gutter

men's halloween costumeJust like Halloween turns almost every type of employment into some sexy costume for women (sexy firefighter, sexy soldier, sexy trash worker), it does the same with men and perverted twists on everyday things. Here are 10 of the most offensive (or funny, depending on your sense of humor) that I came across.


Genie in the Lamp: Costume includes, vest, hat, pants, and trashy pick-up line that will get you slapped.








men's halloween costume

Rock Out ...: Yeah, I'm sure everyone can fill in the blank. And if you're unsure of what goes there, just look at his crotch. Get it, now?

men's halloween costumeOne Eyed Monster: The most uncreative pet name a man gives his, er, stuff. So of course they made a costume of it.

men's halloween costumeLonguini & Meatballs: Really? Longuini? How cheesy can you get?

men's halloween costume

The Fire Extinguisher: Insulting brave firefighters everywhere.

men's halloween costume

Catch of the Day: Lame title! Carpsucker, blowfish, cod ... and these are just off the top of my head!

men's halloween costume

Blow Me Bubble Gum: Not in that costume.

men's halloween costume

The Shocker: Okay, this one even makes me cringe.

men's halloween costume

The Snake Charmer: He may be able to charm the snakes, but I'm willing to bet this guy has a hard time charming the ladies.

men's halloween costumeThird Leg: Hey, Halloween is the one night you can pretend to be something that you're not. In this case, endowed.

Do you find this funny or offensive? Which is the worst?


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