'America's Next Top Model' Recap: Underdogs Rule Rodeo Drive

America's Next Top Model
On Top Model, Kacey was sent packing.
This week on America's Next Top Model, things got all topsy-turvy.

The girls who'd been ranking at the top started slipping to the bottom -- and one of them was sent packing.

The potential posers shot with famed photographer Patrick Demarchelier on Rodeo Drive. But first up, a pit-stop at Wal-Mart.

The first challenge was all about selling -- and all about selling CoverGirl cosmetics. The ladies were grouped into threes to practice their pitches and peddle their wares. And it turns out the audience was grading them.


Shy Ann struggled to be heard -- and therefore got a lecture from photographer/judge Nigel Barker about how models need to bring some personality to the game. Kacey, on the other hand, was the audience favorite, winning the challenge and the opportunity to spree through the CoverGirl aisle at Wal-Mart.

Post-Wal-Mart, the girls headed to posh Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills for an on-location photo shoot, where they got their first taste of dealing with paparazzi-esque public, as on-lookers snapped away and catcalled for Tyra.

Judge favorite Ann had a horrible day, failing at both the Wal-Mart demonstration and the photo shoot because of her painfully shy personality. Yet she STILL managed to take best photo, making it a shocking and unprecedented five weeks in a row. Underdogs Jane and Kendall took the runner-up slots for best photo, catapulting them to the top three when they'd been lagging towards the bottom.

Liz, who seems like she should be the one going home, given her lame results week after week, was spared once again.

And this week's bottom two was surprising, given their results the past few weeks. Rising star Kayla got dissed because the pain she suffered from her too-small shoes was written all over her face.

And "effervescent" Kacey -- the girl who was hated by all the others -- got called out because she wasn't even looking at the camera for her solo shot, and because, week after week, she's had dead eyes. "She's got all the pieces you need to be a model," judge Nigel Barker said. "But when you stick them together, and there's those eyes, there's nothing."

Apparently, that's something the judges just couldn't overcome. Kacey was sent home this week. 

Kayla got another shot at the title, but with the warning from Tyra to suck it up. Said Ms. Banks: "If it ain't gonna kill you -- or scar you forever -- it'll make you stronger."

Were you surprised that strong-jawed Kacey was set packing? Who'll bring the house drama now?

Image via The CW

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