Be Kind, Wear This Designer's Line

If you love the look of leather but hate the cruelty factor (or price), then the new ethical clothing line (Minus The), coming in from retailer Express, may be for you.

According to PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals):

Animals who are killed for their fur are commonly electrocuted, poisoned, or gassed. Cows who are killed for their skin endure painful mutilations and physical abuse on factory farms and a violent death. Exotic animals fare no better: Snakes have a hose rammed into their mouths and are pumped full of water so that workers can more easily cut off the animals' tightened skin while the animals are still alive. Lambs who are raised for wool endure "mulesing," a painful mutilation in which farmers use gardening shears to cut chunks of flesh from lambs' backsides.

But you don't have to support these methods to get the look.


The leather and shearling coats, dresses, pants, and more are 100 percent synthetic and much better priced than their "real" counterparts.

The coat pictured above is only $99 and there are more:

A shearling coat can cost hundreds (and thousands) of dollars, but the one pictured above is only $148.

At $108, these faux suede shoes are to die for and no animal actually had to do so for you to wear them.

This skirt is $48 and just as sexy as "real" ones.

At $148, these boots are priced comparably to real leather ones, but they are fierce and come replete with good karma, so if you've got the cash, buy these instead.

Would you wear this line?

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