Redefining Your T-Shirt Style, One Problem Area at a Time

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For so many women, throwing on jeans and a T-shirt is a morning ritual that some refer to as their "uniform." Unfortunately, the typical T-shirt can often be shapeless, leaving you feeling frumpy and larger than you actually are.

Take a step back and mentally browse your closet. Do most of your tees come from a three-pack? Perhaps there's a slogan screen printed across the chest? Each of these types of tees has an essential place within your wardrobe; however, upgrading your "uniform" has never been easier -- it's all in the details.

To take your tees to the next level, look for ...


Detailed Necklines

Details at the neckline, whether it's rouching, pin tucks, or embellishment, lead the eye upwards, drawing attention from problem areas. Floral embellishments are a huge trend for fall, but look for smaller floral details so your top can be worn in all seasons. A small flourish on the shoulder is perfect, like the Phoebe top ($34) from B&Lu.

Banded Waists

For those of us with a longer torso or wider hips, banded waist tops can be a shape saver. The band helps the tee to fall perfectly on your hips, allowing the rest of the fabric to flow across your midsection. Lane Bryant's Roll-Sleeve V-Neck Tee ($26.50) is full of details, including a v-neckline, rolled sleeves, and a banded waistline. 

Creative Sleeves

You don't need great arms to have fun. Look for tees playing with flutter sleeves, cutouts, or capped sleeves. Avenue's Cold Shoulder Slub Tunic Tee ($12.90) gives a peek of skin through a well-placed cutout. 

What is your favorite way to spice up the t-shirt and jeans "uniform"? I'd love to know!


Image via Deb Shops/Flickr

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