My Junior High Fashion Sense: A Critical Analysis

Mom JeansGenerally speaking, my junior high years were not good ones when it came to fashion.

For one thing, I hit puberty at a time when mom jeans were basically all we had to choose from.



That perm is now the bane of my existence. YEARS of photos were ruined by that perm and while I'm often surrounded in these photos by other perm victims, it doesn't make mine any easier to bear.

That said, I was surprised to look through my junior high archives yesterday and find that certain outfits I wore during those horrid days are back in style now.

Not this one to your left. Just so we're clear ... but there are a few that I could totally rock today, just like I did back in 1989. (Minus the perm, I mean. Let's all just pray the perm never comes back into style.)

Keep reading to see which of my junior high looks are back ... and which most decidedly ARE NOT.





Oversized CardiganOkay, TRY to overlook THE PERM, the medallion (which I believe I scored from Morocco in EPCOT), the hay in my hair, the clear braces, and my friend Laura's scary flowered shorts/coral sweater combo.

Cozy cardigan! Black skinny pants! How did I know then that I would be the epitome of 2010 fashion? Because I was brilliant, that's how.


BlazerHowever, my fashion psychic skills weren't always so spot-on.

I suspect this yellow and red blazer will never come back into style. That Louis Vuitton bucket bag, on the other hand, is totally do-able today. Fortunately, I still have it!


Dress ShortsDitto on the cable sweater, plaid dress shorts, and textured tights. It's all BACK! And where is that Gucci bag now, anyway? Hmmm.


PermThis, on the other hand? Well, I can't even believe I'm showing you this photo. There's a reason I look upset, and I suspect it has to do with the fact that even then, I realized my perm, my fugly jumper, and my Keds with no socks were ... problematic. At least my friend faced the same dilemma. "Acid wash mom jean shorts," she seems to be thinking. "WHY?!"


Striped SweaterLet us quickly hearken back to happier times, when I had no perm to eff up my photos and I had a good 23-year jump on the black and white striped sweater trend!

As you can see, my early teen years included the good, the bad, and the fugly. What about yours?

Which of your outfits from junior high could you rock today? Which do you pray will never come back into style?


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